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We live in this old aching town

26 May

It has been an interesting week.  I finally got off my ass and started doing some work.    For the most part I have been working on Value Based Management, which in short is an incentive/management tool based on economic profits and firm sustainability.  Very boring stuff.  I understand it well enough, I can talk about it until I’m blue in the face, but I don’t know why.  It has me wondering more than ever what the hell I’m doing in an MBA program.   But who knows; maybe it will all come together one day.  I sure hope so.  I’d like to think that I haven’t just been spending the last year treading water.  I feel like that’s all I’ve ever been doing … waiting for “real life” to begin.  It is difficult for me to live in the now and appreciate each day for what it is.  Instead I feel like I’m always waiting for something else to happen.  I know it’s not a good way to live life, but that’s how I see it, and I’m unsure of how to change that.

This week I also had my last Portuguese class.  My language skills are atrocious, so it was a bittersweet end of the year celebration.  Regardless of my difficulties with the Portuguese language, I will say that I did get to meet some very interesting people, and I’m extremely grateful for that.  My classmates really made going to class every week a joy and have made these past nine months a breeze.  I will definitely miss them and my amazing teacher most of all.

We interview someone to be our new roommate and it looks like she’ll be moving in on Sunday.   It’ll be good to have someone new around, very exciting.

You know, even though I’m not that good at living in the “now,” I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.  That’s gotta count for something right?

Destino do Porto

The week started off with a bang! The FC Porto team came home Sunday night at midnight to the Stadium of Dragons where their loyals supporters gave them a hero's welcome. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

New people and looking forward to tomorrow make me happy.


Electricidade de Portugal (EDP) and a Kenyan Refugee Camp

13 May

I traveled to Lisbon today to have a meeting with a bank there that wants to hire me.  The meeting was awful, and I wasn’t looking forward to the networking event my program was putting on in the capital that evening.  However, within minutes of arriving the following took place:

Luis: Sam, you need to come with me.
(He drags me away to a group of people talking.)

Luis: This is my friend Sam.  Can you repeat to her what you just told me?

Woman from EDP: I work with the EDP Foundation and one of our main activities with working with the UNHCR in a refugee camp in Kenya. ….that’s something you’re interested in? (More specific info about their work in Kenya.)

Me: Working in a refugee camp is my dream! (Babble on a for a little bit about how much I love refugees.)

Woman from EDP: That’s great!  I’m going to put you in contact with the camp director to see if we can get you working out there.

UNifeed: Kenya/Guterres Solar, good PR, but I can’t help but think … what happens once one of the light bulbs breaks?

Regardless, random chance encounters and incredible opportunities make me happy.

10 May

“I’m sorry, we are humans!  That’s the good and the bad news.”

Unconventional professors, who collect neckties, and whose last names mean “rabbit,” make me happy.


10 May

How to present something so that MBA students can understand it ...

“The not-for-profit classification is too broad to be useful in management analysis.”

“The constraining characteristics which seem to account for unusual managerial problems in [not-for-profits]:

  1. Service is intangible and hard to measure.
  2. Customer influence may be weak.  Often […] customers may be a secondary source of funds.
  3. Strong employee commitment to […] a cause may undermine their allegiance to the enterprise.
  4. Resource contributors may intrude into internal management.
  5. Restraints on the use of rewards and punishments.
  6. Charismatic leaders […] of the enterprise may be important means of resolving conflict in objectives and overcoming restraints.”

Thank you William H. Newman (RIP) and Harvey W. Wallender, III (RIP).  I thought I was going crazy these last eight months of business school.

This feeling of validation makes me happy.

New Word:  eleemosynary – charitable