10 May

“I’m sorry, we are humans!  That’s the good and the bad news.”

Unconventional professors, who collect neckties, and whose last names mean “rabbit,” make me happy.



10 May

My roommate makes me happy.


10 May

How to present something so that MBA students can understand it ...

“The not-for-profit classification is too broad to be useful in management analysis.”

“The constraining characteristics which seem to account for unusual managerial problems in [not-for-profits]:

  1. Service is intangible and hard to measure.
  2. Customer influence may be weak.  Often […] customers may be a secondary source of funds.
  3. Strong employee commitment to […] a cause may undermine their allegiance to the enterprise.
  4. Resource contributors may intrude into internal management.
  5. Restraints on the use of rewards and punishments.
  6. Charismatic leaders […] of the enterprise may be important means of resolving conflict in objectives and overcoming restraints.”

Thank you William H. Newman (RIP) and Harvey W. Wallender, III (RIP).  I thought I was going crazy these last eight months of business school.

This feeling of validation makes me happy.

New Word:  eleemosynary – charitable