Electricidade de Portugal (EDP) and a Kenyan Refugee Camp

13 May

I traveled to Lisbon today to have a meeting with a bank there that wants to hire me.  The meeting was awful, and I wasn’t looking forward to the networking event my program was putting on in the capital that evening.  However, within minutes of arriving the following took place:

Luis: Sam, you need to come with me.
(He drags me away to a group of people talking.)

Luis: This is my friend Sam.  Can you repeat to her what you just told me?

Woman from EDP: I work with the EDP Foundation and one of our main activities with working with the UNHCR in a refugee camp in Kenya. ….that’s something you’re interested in? (More specific info about their work in Kenya.)

Me: Working in a refugee camp is my dream! (Babble on a for a little bit about how much I love refugees.)

Woman from EDP: That’s great!  I’m going to put you in contact with the camp director to see if we can get you working out there.

UNifeed: Kenya/Guterres Solar, good PR, but I can’t help but think … what happens once one of the light bulbs breaks?

Regardless, random chance encounters and incredible opportunities make me happy.


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