10 May

How to present something so that MBA students can understand it ...

“The not-for-profit classification is too broad to be useful in management analysis.”

“The constraining characteristics which seem to account for unusual managerial problems in [not-for-profits]:

  1. Service is intangible and hard to measure.
  2. Customer influence may be weak.  Often […] customers may be a secondary source of funds.
  3. Strong employee commitment to […] a cause may undermine their allegiance to the enterprise.
  4. Resource contributors may intrude into internal management.
  5. Restraints on the use of rewards and punishments.
  6. Charismatic leaders […] of the enterprise may be important means of resolving conflict in objectives and overcoming restraints.”

Thank you William H. Newman (RIP) and Harvey W. Wallender, III (RIP).  I thought I was going crazy these last eight months of business school.

This feeling of validation makes me happy.

New Word:  eleemosynary – charitable


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